European Open Access Pilot Lines for Integrated Photonics


  • Peter O’Brien PIXAPP
  • Aura Higuera Rodriguez JePPIX
  • Kevin Williams JePPIX
  • Abdul Rahim ePIXfab
  • Roel Bates ePIXfab

Europe has invested heavily in integrated photonics, from design and fabrication through to packaging and application. Multiple integrated photonic platforms have been developed, including silicon, indium phosphide and silicon nitride, all serving a wide variety of markets. To facilitate commercialisation of these technology platforms, Europe has promoted an open access model, reducing the barriers for companies to develop new products.

We will present the current status of Europe’s integrated photonic open access capabilities. We will review organisations such as JePPIX and ePIXfab who support development activities across the complete supply chain, and high-Technology Readiness Level (TRL) organisations such as the new Pilot Lines, who support transfer of prototypes to production. The presentation is targeted at those interested in developing integrated photonic products, with a view to taking their concepts from initial design to prototypes, and through to full-scale production.